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We a 16-year-old loved one whose 1st date is actually an 18 year-old overly-controlling “Loser”

We a 16-year-old loved one whose 1st date is actually an 18 year-old overly-controlling “Loser”

Reader’s problem

We certainly have delivered her to an embarkation university in the us (we all operate offshore) so as to come their away from your when he is usually overseas within community until the man graduates. Regrettably, this individual nonetheless reigns over the girl and remains in near touching our loved one through phone, email, texting, etc. They encourage her to separate by herself from them family and teaches the woman not to participate in any university activities in which she might get connected to any males. We know that he can feel threatened by this lady actually getting tight friendships along with teenagers. All of our connection with her is particularly strained currently. The issue is increasing now when we are already aware of that he’s asking for adult images from the lady and then we are afraid that this chick may oblige. Exactly what can most people do in order to help the lady and acquire the case managed? A year ago this sort of action might have never crossed her idea or our psyche, but he has transformed the woman much for its even worse. She likes the college the woman is in currently which is accomplishing very well academically. We’re shopping for advice on how to deal with this example to the extent that porn does not being a huge concern and our very own little girl remains at school. Obviously, in the long run we’re wishing our little girl knows that your sort of actions are undesirable and also that inside a connection with this specific child just isn’t nutritious. This Indicates to people which we may likely ought to move them to a unique college wherein she is not able to interact 24/7 making use of the “Loser”. Do you possess any tips on such universities or assistance regarding the circumstances?

Psychologist’s answer

Because of your mail, i suppose you’re ready to browse my personal piece on determining Losers with this websites. (далее…)